Family Buddhism

Family Buddhism is about parenting and family relationships and how to bring the Buddha’s teachings into these areas of our lives.  Family Buddhism is written, compiled and presented so that we might all be better able to practice Buddhism within the family context.  And that we might be able to support others to bring the Buddha’s teachings into daily life ie being engaged Buddhists.

Engaged Buddhism is about living our lives through the Buddhist principles and precepts.  It is about bringing Buddhism into every aspect of our lives – into our work, our family, our community, our home, our leisure.

Sometimes it is tempting to wish we had the opportunity to be a monk or nun so that we are able to devote our time to the study and practice of the Dharma. Yet, there is no better place to practice the Dharma than in our everyday life – especially in our family life. There is a saying:

The best place to meditate is in the tiger’s mouth.

This means that it is relatively easy to meditate on our comfy meditation cushion in the peace and quiet of the gompa.  This takes very little skill or effort.  But to stay calm and meditate in the midst of the turmoil and stress of life’s challenging moments is not so easy. This is where we can really advance our Buddhist practice. And what is more challenging than family life.

How wonderful!
How wonderful!
All things are
Exactly as they are!
           The Buddha

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Benedict Cumberbatch served as an English teacher at a Buddhist monastery

The British actor not only took advantage of his sabbatical year in Nepal to spread knowledge of the English language, but also to investigate the mysteries of the universe.

Although actor Benedict Cumberbatch has mentioned on more than one occasion that he loves to travel and discover new cultures, he has not yet been encouraged to publicly relate some of the experiences he lived in Nepal over a year’s stay. Who highlights his improvised work as an English teacher in a Buddhist temple that served as home for a good season, as well as his discoveries about the origin of life and the universe.

“When I was living in the monastery, I devoted much of my time to reading books on Oriental philosophy that addressed all kinds of existential questions, issues related to the meaning we give to many of the phenomena that surround us. But in the morning he was teaching English to the monks who were interested in como aprender ingles em um mes.

That allowed me to then talk to them about the meaning of life processes, things that work on a molecular level and we unite all living things, from fungi to humans , “he reflected in conversation with the magazine Shortlist. No However, the protagonist of the series ‘Sherlock’ not only had the opportunity to enrich his most spiritual facet during the more than 12 months he spent in the Asian country, but also did everything possible to know firsthand some of the places Most beautiful of its geography taking advantage of that several friends also joined his adventure.However, The interpreter also remembers perfectly some of the setbacks that he underwent in some of those excursions.

“My friends and I turned away from the established route and we got lost.To survive, we had to extract the few drops of water that was in the moss of the rocks, and ended up living a nightmare.In addition to the altitude sickness that we all suffered In a specific moment, I ended up suffering from a very strong gastroenteritis that left me without strength, “revealed the outgoing artist.

One of the reasons why the British is excited about the opportunity to debut in the Marvel universe starring in the film adaptation of the comics of ‘Doctor Strange’ resides in the parallels he has found between his character and himself, As the superhero who will give life on the big screen also tries to break the parameters set by science to investigate the mysteries of existence through methods more linked to mysticism and esotericism.

“I have always been intrigued by all those alternative approaches that try to explain what surrounds us. Spirituality, psychedelia and even the drugs that took you to a new dimension somehow defined the 60s and I have always been fascinated “Although we now have much more information, in those years uncertainty led people to go a step further to find answers,” he said. Psychedelia and even drugs that took you to a new dimension somehow defined the 60s and I have always been fascinated. Although we now have much more information, in those years uncertainty led people to go a step further to find answers, “he said. Psychedelia and even drugs that took you to a new dimension somehow defined the 60s and I have always been fascinated. Although we now have much more information, in those years uncertainty led people to go a step further to find answers, “he said.


Among all the animals in the world, it is the faithful dog that evokes the most positive emotions in people. As beasts of burden, medium breed dogs are known for their loyalty and loyalty to their masters. These animals can also become faithful companions when times are difficult. As such, it is not a bonus that grows between humans and dogs that expand into a multitude of cultures. This is what gives way to the symbology of dogs in Tibetan Buddhism. In this mode of Buddhism, dogs rise far above being mere domestic animals. Instead, they assume many components of religious symbolism. That is why the images of dogs in Tibetan Buddhism deserve a closer examination. Such exploration will reveal much of the somewhat hidden symbolism these four legged creatures represent.

One of the most common questions people ponder is the notion of what it means to be a human being. The answer given in some circles of Tibetan Buddhism will be and ldquo; What is the meaning of being a dog and rdquo; Such a riddle can definitely take people by surprise, as they do not raise a number of interesting philosophical and humanistic points. In particular, it is shown that the answer to what is to be any kind of living being is not easy to come up with. In an extension of this symbolic koan, many Tibetan monks have led to become breeders and caregivers of dogs. Then integrate the care of dogs into your daily spiritual practice. This allows them to look at animals. From this, you can make comparisons between animals and humans who care about them. This opens the door to a deeper understanding of human condition and human nature. Or at least that’s the common plan and hellip;

However, to call the process in which the monks raise the dogs mere reproduction would be to belittle the great effectiveness that they perform with their tasks. The process is more than breeding dogs and finding a home. It is also about raising the dogs and being more in tune with the needs of the animals. Dogs will obviously communicate differently than humans will. As such, it becomes necessary for the Tibetan monks to pay close attention to the dog and rsquo; S body language, behavior, and actions. This improves the ability to effectively train the dog may be possible. It also improves the potential for understanding human behavior during this process

By having to pay close attention to the dog behavior and communications, the monks develop a sense of being in tune with the reactions of living beings. This makes them more aware of each other and those skills can certainly enhance the potential to work, live and coexist with others. This can lead to a more harmonious life that can greatly improve the quality of human life.

This is the end result of a lifetime of developing intuitive skills derived from caring for your beloved dogs. Such skills are integrated into many other areas and aspects of life and this is certainly a good thing. Therefore, you could consider breeding dogs of Tibetan monks to be a gateway to your soul.

In many ways, there is an integration of all living beings, since they must be harmonious and co-exist. If it is not so, then it would be almost impossible for anyone to live a life that was worth living. Rather, they would be living in conflict with others who are certainly not a useful medium. The concept of breeding dogs in Tibetan monasteries plays an important role in this regard Restaurant


Steam mops have recently become a popular tool for local cleaners the floors around your home. They can do a mundane job fast and easy.In general, steam mops are effective on vinyl, tile, hardwood, laminate and ceramic floors, but they are not up to par in some areas no matter what brand you buy or the price you pay, search reviews and ratings on the web to get more idea.

All steam mops operate in a similar manner. They are all electric for water heating and they all have a small water tank. At the bottom of the steam mop is a cushion that can be washed and reused. While pressing the unit from side to side on the floor and with a push or pull of a trigger located on the handle, the steam is released and pushed through the platform, which in turn collects dirt, dirt Or wear marks on your floor.

Steam mops keep you from dragging a bucket, a mop, detergents and hard cleaners to clean your floors. There is no washing involved like with a traditional sponge mop and your floors will run out of streaks. These mops are the environment in which chemicals are used, making cleaning safe for your family and pets. Steam mops are relatively light weight, easy to back and are easy to operate and maneuver. Most steam mops come with washable and reusable pads, reducing the expense of replacement pads.

Steam mops are not the best choice for cleaning unsealed wood floors. If you are not careful, it can lead to irreversible water damage. These mops are not intended to vacuum floors, only to lift dirt and grime. They will have to sweep or vacuum before using a steam mop from their floors. Although many brands claim to disinfect the soil surface, they are up to this demand. To disinfect, you will need to allow your mop to remain in place for several seconds, extending the cleaning time. You will also find that steam mops are not very effective for cleaning deep grout lines in tile floors. The pad does not reach enough depth inside the grout line to lift the dirt.

Budha Bar, an exotic opulence

A distinguished blonde, dressed in white unpolluted, hair to one side is cast. It is to smile at photojournalist trying to get the best angle. It is the French exmodelo Tarja Visan , who with her late husband Raymond Visan founded in 1996 one of the most successful restaurant chains such lounge in the world

Located in the urbanization Las Mercedes, a building with black windows rises . Upon entering, a huge Buddha statue contemplates you from above. You can immediately imagine the elegant diners while sipping a drink or dinner entranced by the hypnotic mixes live DJ, who , from a ledge on the second floor of Buddha Bar Caracas – has understood very well the philosophy of this restaurant chain: the creating an eclectic and relaxing environment in which mergers dining and cocktails are the order of the day.

Tarja Visan | Photography: Nestor Hernandez | exclusive magazine

For four years , the Estephan, Brazilian Grill owners have been in contact with Tarja, planning and building what is now a reality:

– Why Buddha?

When Raymond and I started, we did it in the fast food business. Then we opened our first bar in Paris, we call Barfly. In it, exhibíamos a replica of the Winged Victory of Samothrace . Some time later, while searching for a location to open a restaurant, we got a space in the neighborhood La Concordia that reminded us of some places in Asia. It was a windowless basement full of souvenirs that recalled ancient China or Japan. So we decided to place the statue of Buddha, which otherwise combined perfectly with the atmosphere of this new location. So too did the name: Buddha Bar.

– What do you attribute the success of the chain?

Our philosophy has been successful , despite the large variety of excellent concepts, restaurants and nightclubs around the world, because we were lucky. While it is true that about 20% of our reputation is the quality of the food we offer and the atmosphere that we generate, undoubtedly is also true that 80% of our success has been a matter of ‘lucky star’. This is what I think. We have simply been lucky.

– After 20 years in business, what changes have perceived in the food market?

-The Biggest change we have seen with regard to the presentation of our dishes. We offer delicacies that exhibit very elaborate way. We work hard because we know that our customers also enjoy through sight.And this is a big change. Previously, only those restaurants with Michelin stars should be aware of decorations dishes, ornaments. Now it is a demand that comes from the client and any restaurant that claims to be good must consider.

Buddha Bar chain currently has 15 restaurants around the world. Among the most famous are the city of Paris, which is the oldest, Monte Carlo, Dubai, London and Kiev | Photography: Nestor Hernandez | exclusive magazine

– How to a place that is constantly changing adapt?

We are obliged to study what the needs of new customers. If you do not renew the material, people get bored safely. Therefore, we are always on the lookout for what is in vogue. As for the food and beverage menu, one of the latest creations of our executive chef, the Japanese master Shigeki Iimura, is a fusion of meat Bayoud with lobster meat. Another of its specialties is the maki roll of black cod. The new inspirations are reflected in the decor of the restaurants and new technologies in lighting and sound. And in the bar, we have the most innovative ingredients.

– In the specific case of Venezuela, with such a precarious situation, how this concept would apply?

Every time we build a new store, we analyze the culture in which we desenvolveremos. In Venezuela has the world best pineapples, mangoes, papaya, so in our menu we are including these ingredients. Among the surprises we prepared there is a pineapple carpaccio with ginger. This is not a strict menu. Even now, our chef is placing local fish which are to be included in the proposal of Venezuela. This is the job of executive chef, and his talent . And that is why we are known worldwide for fusion cuisine.


– With all this in favor, why do they have closed some stores around the world?

Those places that have closed have done for the following reason : We develop the menu, cocktails and leave them when we return, we discovered that have incorporated ‘spaghetti bolognese’. It is very important to maintain a good relationship with the restaurant owners, and the market. It is a teamwork. We heard the owner, what you have to say about the needs of Venezuelans diners or tastes and trends in each country.And it is our responsibility to create different specialties unsullied seal Buddha Bar. Therefore, it is important teamwork. This is not a captain and his crew. On the contrary, we must paddle alike to survive.

Garden seated Buddha figure 50 cm new in original packaging 139, – point-garden

Garden seated Buddha figure 50 cm new in original packaging 139, - point-garden

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Garden seated Buddha figure 50 cm new in original packaging 139, – point-garden

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Steve McCurry photography Buddhism

McCurry-steve-photo-el-Buddhism (7)

Steve McCurry , recognized universally as one of the best image makers today, has won many major awards photography .

Best known for his evocative photograph in color, McCurry , in the finest documentary tradition, captures the essence of human struggle and joy. Member of Luxury Photo Booth since 1986, McCurry has searched and found the unforgettable in many of his images that are over becoming modern icons. Today I teach as  Steve McCurry photography Buddhism 

Buddhism - Polonnarvwa, Sri Lanka by Steve McCurry

Buddhism – Polonnarvwa, Sri Lanka by Steve McCurry

Born in Philadelphia, McCurry graduated with honors from the Faculty of Arts and Architecture at the Pennsylvania State University. After working at a newspaper for two years, he went to India to freelance. It was in India that McCurry learned the look and hope in life. “If you wait, people will forget your camera and the soul will travel to sight ,” says the nice thing about Steve. In a previous post, specifically professionals Magnun Agency tell us their secrets, we saw what was Magnum Photos and professionals.

McCurry-steve-photo-el-Buddhism (8)

Brief presentation of their projects: ” Buddhism

“Around the world today there is a new Buddhism . Their philosophies are being applied to the treatment of mental and physical health and environmental policies and reforms. Athletes use it to sharpen their game. It helps corporate executives handle stress better. ”

McCurry-steve-photo-el-Buddhism (4)

Buddhism – Steve McCurry Korea

Those who suffer from chronic pain apply it as a balm of the soul. This contemporary relevance is triggering a renaissance of Buddhism , even in countries like India, where nearly had vanished, and in China, where it has been deleted. ”

Thinning: how Buddhism can help you lose weight

Grab a bite of food. No matter what the food is, but it has to be something you love – say the first bite of a delicious pasta.

Now comes the hard part. Take the near fork. This can be trickier than you think, because when the first bite is good, just want another. You are hungry.

The current experience of food is getting faster. Chew slowly. Stop talking. Experience the food texture, flavor, color or dish sauce, the flavor.

Continue in this way during the meal and you will experience the opening of the “third eye” of pleasure and a practice known as “eating with the mind.”

The concept has roots in Buddhist teachings. Just as there are techniques of meditation sitting, standing and walking, many Buddhist encourage their peers to meditate with food, expanding consciousness by paying close attention to the sense and purpose of each meal.

In a typical year, a student could take three small fruit, or a tangerine, and stand 10 to 20 minutes looking, smelling, holding and patiently munching.

In recent times, these “religious” experiments passed the temples to places like Harvard and Google in California. In the view of some experts, what seems to be the simplest of acts – eating slowly and really enjoy the food – can be the remedy for the incredible wave of modern obesity.

Eating with the mind is not a diet, you do not need to stop eating anything. It’s about experiencing food more intensely – especially the pleasure of it. You can eat a burger with the mind, if you want. You might even enjoy it even more so. Or you may feel, in the way that your body already had the necessary. Or you really need a salad.

“That’s antidieta” said Jan Chozen Bays, a pediatrician and meditation teacher, author of books on the subject.”I think the fundamental problem is that we were unconscious when we eat.”

The last few years have brought an increasing interest in the subject of hyper power. The nutritionist Harvard, Lilian Cheung, has devoted much time studying the benefits and is encouraging companies and health points to try the technique.

With the end of celebrations and the New Year, in addition to the carnival that is so close, it is worth pondering the idea of eating with the mind should be more valued.

Michael Finkelstein, a holistic physical and expert gardening and feeding the mind, states that the question is not which foods to eat. “Most people have a general sense of what foods are healthy, but they are not eating.What is in your mind while you eat? This is eating consciously. ”

Blue Cliff Monastery in in New York, no one speaks during meals, one of the key principles of mindful eating.The point is simply to eat, instead of talking, watching TV, stir in smartpohne or Facebook.

The place looks quite peaceful, but in the minds of some, a challenge is set. “It’s much harder than you think,” said Carolyn Cronin, 64, who lives near the monastery and eat there regularly. “People are used to eat very fast.This is the practice to stop, and we do not we realize how much we do not stop. ”

For many people, eating fast means eating more. Eating consciously means setting aside the habit of stewing belly.

“As we practice this, we realize that we do not eat as much,” said Phap Khoi, a monk of Blue Cliff, 43. “If we just aftertaste food, we eat a lot and not feel full.”

It is this effect of conscious power – the potential to function as a barrier not to overdo the food – which has stimulated nutritionists.

Of course, ordinary people will not be able to comply with the discipline and commitment of a monastery. This has to work at home. The suggestion of scientists is that people start with a few small steps, without haste.

Consider planning a special meal a week. Turn off the tv. Eat with people you like. When you are too busy to concentrate, take three minutes, just sipping tea. Even eating in the car can offer an opportunity to internalization.

In practice

Okay, neither I nor you live in a Buddhist monastery. But you can still put some points eat consciously in your regular diet.

When you’re eating, just eat – turn off the electronics. Focus on food.

Consider silence – avoid a conversation for 30 minutes may be impossible in some families, especially with small children, but experts suggest that at least in the beginning there is a bit of silence.

Try weekly – sometimes it is impossible to avoid having to throw the food down our throats. But if you eat one meal a week quietly as experience of eating consciously, this can help with time.

Plant and cook – whatever you call the process of creating the food will greatly increase their food awareness.

Chew slowly – is not easy, but try to decrease, chewing 25 to 30 times per bite.

Use flowers and candles – put them on the table before dinner. Rituals that create a serene environment help to invoke “that moment of gratitude.”

Find a Buddhist site – if you want to get serious, look for a place to further deepen the practice. Check phen375: conclusion de notre enquête et tests

The application of Buddhist ideas from your diet

Buddhist teachings such as yoga, are becoming more and more attention in the last decade. People are becoming aware that Buddhist teaching has ideas to contribute, even for us Westerners. The problem is that a lot of time to become familiar with these concepts is needed, and one thing most of us do not have is time. So I would like to introduce three concepts that might interest you and are very important for your diet and helpfull with Madison NJ Dentist.

# 1 I want

According to Buddhist teachings – desire is the root cause of our suffering. And sensual pleasures we desire material on the pretext that give us lasting happiness or welfare. pleasures can take many forms -. one of these forms is the food, especially sweet or fatty foods consumed for pleasure or sedation of negative emotions

The problem is that after acquiring our object of desire not achieve happiness – they just want more. The nature of these objects of desire is imperfect – so you can not make us truly happy. Think about the things that the food your desire or longing.

Are they making you happy? Truly happy? Perhaps you satisfied for a short time, but it can also make you feel guilty, and to interrupt their diet efforts. When we define ourselves through our desires, we throw in a circle of pain. Instead, Buddhism teaches that a person should aspire to higher goals: continuing to improve changes. Realize that these things are not really important, and get yourself out of the circle.

# 2 suffering

An old Buddhist proverb story: a woman who had lost her husband came to the Buddha and asked him to help overcome suffering. The Buddha said, go to all the families of his people and bring me a grain of salt each family that never knew pain.In short, the woman went and returned empty – handed. The meaning is as follows: life involves pain, and can not be avoided. We suffer because deny that platitude and try to ignore it .

I have spoken in other electronic books and articles by suffering should never be a part of your diet. In these articles, I stressed that you should choose a Las Mejores Pastillas para Adelgazar that does not include starvation or some unpleasant experience. I have not changed my mind – a balanced diet should not make you suffer. But changing your life for the better obviously not an easy process, especially when you are trying to change the basic habits like eating and exercise.

So, whenever your diet becomes difficult, and whenever you feel you can not handle, just accept it as a form of pain that can not be avoided on the road to change. If you are not going to insist on it, and if you raise your head and move on, you will see that you can put your energies to better use.

# 3 Sacrifice

One last thing I would like to share, in the Buddhist tradition, prudent small to be conceived sacrifices in order to achieve a greater good. The common good is a lifestyle change, and higher self-esteem and well – being feeling. Sacrifices are small to make sandwiches that are tasty, fast food is available and rest in front of the television is easier than drawing or making a healthy dinner. If you consider these things as anything, then small sacrifices. – You’ll see it’s much easier to give them up

I hope I showed you how Buddhist teaching may be relevant to your diet, Please these pearls old age of wisdom and he puts them to good use.

Mauritius, an island of miscegenation

Soon you will notice during your trip to Mauritius that the religious landscape is rich and varied. We must clarify that the Mauritian population is very mixed. In the Indian Ocean, between Asia and Africa, the population of Mauritius consists of Chinese, Indian, European, and African Mauritians. Each brings their own religion and beliefs. So during your walks around the island, it is not rare that you find, practically on the same street, a Buddhist temple near a mosque, a church or a Hindu temple.

Compared to many other countries in the world, we must admit that all these religions coexist in good weather and with enough tolerance . Faced with such a mix, there is no official religion in Mauritius and inevitably impress you see such religious landscape in such a small country.

In the Indian Ocean

Different religions

Buddhism is one of the religions underrepresented in Mauritius. Only the Chinese minority present practice this religion.

Muslims are more numerous, with about 15% of the population. Islam is primarily practiced by Africans and Hindus in the country.

Christians represent around 33% of the population. Of these, the vast majority are Catholic, but there are also some Anglicans Protestants.

The most practiced religion in Mauritius is without doubt Hinduism. Originally from India, this religion is practiced by 50% of the population . Although it should be noted here that Hinduism is a somewhat watered – down version. The caste system does not have the same force as in India. You will not find either sadhus or holy cows. The Hindu celebrations are the most beautiful and interesting to watch in mauritius villas for rental.

Buddhist perspective on other religions

Just as there are billions of people on this planet, there are billions of different dispositions and inclinations. From the Buddhist perspective, a wide range of religions is needed to meet the needs of different people. Buddhism recognizes that all religions share the same desire to work for the welfare of humanity. With this common base, Buddhists and Christians have established exchange programs to learn from each other, in the spirit of cooperation and mutual respect.

Because not everyone has the same inclinations and interests, Buddha taught various methods to different people. Citing this example, His Holiness the Dalai Lama has said that it is wonderful that so many religions exist in the world. So, like a saucer would not like everyone, religion or belief group not please everyone’s needs.Therefore, it is extremely beneficial that are available a variety of different religions to choose from. He welcomes and rejoices at this.

Buddhism fitness, health and longevity

1 Buddhists are generally more longevity. Before it was the ancient monks of life compared to the life of the emperors, monks found that the average life expectancy is higher than the emperor’s life. Buddhists believe that longevity, which is related to their Buddhist life. The primary purpose of fitness and longevity is certainly not a Buddhist, but Buddhism life contains a certain amount of fitness role. Hereby, from personal experience, to try to explore the mysteries of Buddhism in life fitness with the help of Washington DC personal trainer.

Interreligious dialogue

Today there is a growing dialogue, based on mutual respect between Buddhist masters and leaders of other religions. The Dalai Lama, for example, is often found with the Pope. In October 1986 in Assisi, Italy, Pope invited a large gathering leaders of all world religions. Nearly one hundred and fifty representatives met there. The Dalai Lama sat by the Pope, and had the honor of making the first speech. At the conference the spiritual leaders discussed topics that are common to all religions, such as morality, love and compassion. People were very encouraged by the cooperation, harmony and mutual respect that the various religious leaders among them.

Of course, if we discuss metaphysics and theology, there are differences and there is no way to avoid them. However, this does not mean we have to argue with the attitude of “My daddy is stronger than your dad”. This is very childish. It is more beneficial to see things we share in common. All world religions are seeking to improve the situation of humanity and make a better life, teaching people to follow ethical behavior. They all teach people not to get caught totally by the material side of life, or at least achieve a balance between material progress and spiritual progress.

It is helpful if all religions work together to improve the world situation. We need not only material progress, but spiritual progress. If we emphasize only the material side of life, then make a better bomb to kill everyone would be a desirable goal. If on the other hand, think of a humanistic or spiritual way, we realize the fear and other problems arising from building weapons of mass destruction. If we only develop spiritually and do not care the material side, people suffering from hunger, and this is not very good. We need a balance.

Learning from each other

One aspect of the interaction between religions is that they are sharing their specialties. Consider for example the interaction between Buddhists and Christians.Many Christian contemplatives are interested in methods for concentration and meditation Buddhists. Many Catholic priests, abbots, monks and nuns have come to Dharamsala, India, to learn these skills, in order to incorporate their traditions.Several Buddhists have taught in Catholic seminaries. I also occasionally have been invited there to teach how to meditate, how to focus and how to develop love.Christianity teaches us to love everyone, but does not explain in detail how.Buddhism is rich in methods for developing love. The Christian religion at its highest level is open to learning these methods Buddhists. Does this mean that all Christians are going to become Buddhists? Nobody’s turning anyone. These methods can be adapted to their own religion to help them become better Christians.

Likewise, many Buddhists are interested in learning about the social service Christians. Many Christian traditions emphasize that their monks and nuns involved in education, work in hospitals, care for the elderly, orphanages, etc. Although some Buddhist countries have developed social services for various geographic and social reasons, not all have. Buddhists can learn about the social service Christians. His Holiness the Dalai Lama is very open to this. This does not mean that Buddhists are becoming Christians. Rather, there are certain aspects of Christian experience that Buddhists can learn, there are also things from the Buddhist experience that Christians can learn. Thus there is an open forum among the world religions based on mutual respect.


So far, the interaction between religions has occurred in the highest religious leaders, where people seem to be more open and have fewer prejudices level. At lower levels, people become insecure and develop a football team mentality style, in which competition and fights are the norm. Keeping this kind of attitude is very sad, it happens between religions or among various Buddhist traditions. The Buddha taught many different methods, all of which work harmoniously to help a wide spectrum of people. Therefore, it is important to respect all traditions, both within Buddhism and among the world’s religions.

Buddhism and fair trade and socially sustainable

From a market stall a retail business with an annual turnover of £ 9 million Windhorse Trading has an impeccable track record in sustainable business driven by faith.

Highlights for five consecutive years in the independent league of fastest growing companies in the UK, Windhorse Trading is a business gift wholesale and retail, and supply craft products, such as textiles, photo frames, books handmade wood carvings and ornaments, located mainly in the poorest countries in the East.

Buddhism is central to the business, and guidance from relationships with suppliers and employees to how to spend the surplus. As a staff member Ratnaprabha of Bookkeeper Bondi Junction explains:

“The business is owned by Windhorse Trust, whose managers are ordained Buddhist, and had two main objectives in establishing Windhorse as trade: to raise funds for projects Buddhists, and to create a workplace to support the Buddhist practice of our staff. The main virtue in Buddhism is Dana, meaning “generosity”.

Most of our employees are in a support package, “rather than a salary, live together and work effectively for what they need and give away the rest. Of the £ 9,000,000 turnover last year, £ 400,000 was given away in grants, both Buddhist projects, as well as education initiatives and welfare in the communities of those responsible. “
The decision to focus on the sale of gifts is a Dana expression; We are encouraging our customers to develop their own generous in offering beautiful things so that they can give “impulses.

Of the 200 employees in the warehouse and stores, at least 150 are professed Buddhist, and one of the functions of Ratnaprabha is to support teams of each store in his Buddhist spiritual practice. Through discussion meetings, reading text, meditate together and share devotional practice around the shrines that are in the staff room, staff are encouraged to implement their principles at work while performing the most mundane tasks .

But Ratnaprabha acknowledges that it has not always been easy. “Our rapid growth meant that people worked very hard and forgot their own needs, but I think this is common in most companies highly idealistic. Deliberately it has continued to grow and consolidate our position, to create more space for personal practice. “

And it is not only the staff who benefits from this faith-based approach to business. Justice is another Buddhist precept, so the business pays its bills on time, make honest statements in their marketing, treats its suppliers ethically and is open to the challenges of monitoring their complex supply chain and marketing for ensure fair trade.

Care of living things is also a key principle, and the company recycles packaging materials, green energy use in the transport of valuables, it does not pollute the air and is investigating the eco-fuel for its fleet of van.

Despite handle all aspects of sustainable development, Ratnaprabha admits that “our message is low profile, do not say ‘Buddhist shops” or “Fair Trade stores.”

We will not put up a fuss about our approach, but customers often comment on the special atmosphere and level of service of staff. We have no proselytizing objective, although it is good to know when people are attracted to join our team in spiritual practice with others. “

With its impressive economic performance, its proactive stance towards the environment and the loving care of their staff, suppliers and customers, Windhorse Trading shows how faith can create a truly sustainable business.

White, the dog that taught Buddhism

A journalist adopts a stray dog, and soon discovers that it is actually the animal that is taking people through the neighborhood.

In a square in Akita, in Japan, there is an exquisite statue in honor of Hachiko, the dog kept waiting at the train station to its owner returned from work, even after the death of man, and was adamant that place until the end of days. A few years ago they made a movie with her story. In Resistencia (Chaco), there are two sculptures in homage to Fernando, the stray dog who ate breakfast every day with the manager of the National Bank, and attended all social events in the city. Alberto Cortez wrote a song, which later was covered by Attack 77. There are famous dogs, big dog legends have traveled the world, animals that have been buried with military honors, honored for entire cities, or immortalized in literature and art. In autumn 2008, a few months after I moved to live in Rosario, I met a dog that could make you believe in reincarnation and a question suddenly appeared in my mind “does my dog have hip dyspasia”
I will not tell that the dog had a stain shaped virgin or saving grace to the poor children of being killed, or he could do skills that astonished people. In fact, this dog had no interest in wowing anyone with impunity was vague, and only used his social skills to better exploit the human system. But he possessed an autonomy superior to other animals and people I’ve met in my life, and handled in the world with detachment and joy of a Buddhist monk. One morning in June 2008, very early, opened the elevator door on the fourth floor and the dog was there, in a corner, staring at me with bovine eyes.
It was a grayish-white, almost blue in the dirt, and was so skinny that he noticed the ribs. One of his ears was missing a piece. He did not move when he saw me, he did not shake the tail, did nothing. I watched almost indifferently. I looked back, turning his head from side to side reflex gesture-that one does to know if anyone observando-, but the hall was empty. I got on the elevator carefully, I think even I said “hello” and down, each in his corner, still looking at us. When we reached the ground floor dog stood behind the door, she waited for him to open, and saw him away toward the corner, where the Freedom square was. Now I think the meetings that end up becoming something meaningful in our lives, always start like this: with a sense of strangeness, knowing that we have not fully understood what just happened. That was my first encounter with Blanco.
My neighbor told her “stamp”. The cuidacoches of the square told “Manchis”. A lady from the neighborhood told “Fido”. My ex-girlfriend and I were saying “White” or “Whitey”. The dog began to appear that fall in the corridor on the fourth floor: floor neighbors, who loved animals to limit the disease-they had an irrational number of dogs and cats in an apartment of two main rooms, they knew of the square and entered the building cool evenings. Since they could not have it at home, because they alter the balance of family fauna, left in the hallway, with a blanket and a plate of food. One night we decided to open: White entered the house, sniffed environments, and turned next to the door to let him out. He never left bribe the first. After two attempts, he finally accepted the offer: he came in, sniffed all over again, climbed a poof we had in the living room and fell asleep. That was how we adopt a stray dog in mixed regime. Thereafter, White appeared at the door of the building almost every day, on time, to 21. We went down to open, had dinner with us, and went to sleep. At eight o’clock the next day at the latest, demanded going outside. When my girlfriend slept at home the dog out with her coming to work early. When he was alone with me, he was forced to wake up. To achieve this using two techniques with different levels of aggressiveness. First he brought a bone to my room and hit him several times on the floor beside the bed, watching me askance. If that did not work, he climbed into bed and began to hit me head butts literally until reacted. Then I got up, opened the apartment door, and he took care of the rest: down four flights of stairs emergency, and stood by the door of the building, waiting for someone to come out.
“Animals are magical beings, perhaps the only magic left on earth,” wrote Silvina Giganti in a text about his dog Poxi. It may be impossible to make them understand how you White dominated without violence on our neighborhood, and took the affection of the people for assault, meekly, but without asking permission. The year started sleeping with us, when winter came, the dog used to get to your appointment of the 21 with a different sweater every day. A day brought a layer of embroidered cloth. Another day appeared with a diver green handwoven wool. Sometimes he wore a long-sleeved shirt pink. While not always spend the night at my house, the origin of his clothes was a mystery. One morning I decided to follow him to know where he was going. I walked him to the door of the building, I waited to put out a little and started to follow him. I did not get to do half a block when the dog found me. We were in the square, playing with a bottle. Soon, a lady stopped beside us, shouted “Manchiiiita” he petted the dog, and looked at me.
Is it yours?
-. He asked More or less I said is not mine but sleeps in my house.
Ahh, my neighbor is what makes him the coats, she lives around here, by Entre Rios
said? – You live in Cochabamba street, is not it No ma’am I said, I live in street Mitre .
Ahh he said, with an expression confusedly because I’ve seen leaving a house in Cochabamba street …
Thus it was discovered that Whitey had three different families in the same neighborhood. Some mornings, when I went to breakfast at the corner bar, White was already there, lying under a table. A lunch out on the balcony and saw in front, on the third floor of the building that was half-built, eating roast with masons. Whenever some tramp collapsed in the square, Whitey threw himself at her side to sleep: he had a predilection for the drunks. A couple of times, after I followed often appeared alone in the house of my friends, and they did him in, offered him food and let him be. Her necklace was changing as fast as her winter clothes, and never knew well who made him a leather belt, a necklace of green canvas, an old stocking. My girlfriend hung strips of blue tulle, tired of being robbed necklaces, which made him look effeminate tanguero.
Two years after moving to Rosario, I decided to disarm my life in the city and go to tour South America, with no return date, to fulfill an old dream of traveling and writing. Write “decided” and write “disarm”, although in reality my life was falling apart, and I needed to give up everything for a while to rebuild myself: sometimes needed to be lost. The dog, I considered the first new friend who had made the city proud-and that- I sensed that I was from the beginning, and began to stagger their visits. Two weeks before my departure disappeared completely, and just returned the day I was leaving, as if to say goodbye. It was a very tough time. I remember I bought a rotisserie half chicken, I’ll cut my hands (he had already packed all) and we were wandering around for hours in the empty apartment, which was already inhabited by the ghosts of nostalgia.
The most important things are the hardest to count, says the protagonist of a story by Stephen King, and that’s because everything that we consider most important is always too close to our feelings and innermost desires. In late 2011 I returned to Rosario for a while. He had traveled 14 months, he had stripped me of many habits and thoughts that bothered me, and I wanted to see my friends. But he also needed to start remembering who he was, resume from where he had left, meet what remained. It was not the best time to do it. My friends were too stressed by the madness of the end of the year, afflicted by economic problems and feuding with their families. I no longer had a home, and my ex-girlfriend had insisted to me that I stay in yours, but, despite their good intentions, seemed about to stick a knife at any time. I could not stay there, but before I left I asked him Whitey. “He lives in a house Cochabamba street,” he said, and I described how it was. The following Sunday, before noon, I went to my old neighborhood, I touched timbre in that strange house and said I came to visit Blanco. The lady who served me did not know what he was talking, until I described. “Ahh said, yes, that dog lives here, but now is not. When not come to this hour, it is because you are eating around here, in the seventh A “. I smiled with his answer but I was disappointed, and I was in a bank in Liberty Square without knowing what to do. Within two days of returning to the city, he was more alone and disoriented before leaving. Ten minutes later, he came trotting slowly Whitey, went to the bank where I was, and hit me head. It had been a year and a half of the last time I had seen, and I soon forgot all that distressed me. We were in the square all afternoon, until it began to get dark. When I went there I had gotten a little reconciled with existence, just as happens to me sometimes, when the young son of a friend hugs me for no reason. I would like to explain that the reunion with the dog made me realize that some vital things remain, and it is possible to build based on love and detachment links, but nothing happened that afternoon had to do with words, I now forced to bury the body in the mire of sentimentality.
Which can provide a dog “is like giving the wild animal that accompanies us through the forest,” wrote more than half a century ago Konrad Lorenz, medical and Viennese zoologist who received the Nobel Prize for his studies of animal behavior: “One possibility to restore direct link with nature, with the omniscient reality of nature, that civilized man has lost.”
Lorenz, considered the father of ethology, said in strange and calamitous times cities, had always wanted the company dog followed him, and he had found solace in the simple fact of its existence: “He has been my support comparable to that found in the memories of childhood, in memory of the dense forests of our country, something that will tell us that, in the constant flow of life, we are still us. ”

The Legend of Buddha’s tooth

It remains in the so-called Temple Buddha Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Temple of Tooth of Buddha
Buddha images inside the Temple of the Tooth. Photo: Chikuado, Wikimedia.

According to legend, when Buddha died, his body was cremated on a pyre of sandalwood and his left canine tooth was found in the funeral pyre by one of his disciples, who gave it to the king of Dantapuri, to be revered.

the belief that the holder of the tooth had the divine right to rule the land was forged. As expected, several wars broke out for possession of the relic.

A king named Paandu decided to destroy it and ordered to take him to his city. It is said that once in the presence of the tooth, a miracle occurred and the king Paandu converted to Buddhism.

In the fourth century, 800 years after Buddha’s death, the tooth was in the hands of the king of Kalinga Guhaseeva, who had converted to Buddhism and began to worship the relic. This caused the discontent of some of his subjects, who thought the king had stopped believing in God and had begun to worship a tooth.

Temple of Tooth of Buddha
Panoramic of the Royal Palace of Kandy. The main sanctuary of the temple is under the golden roof. Photo: McKay Savage, Wikimedia.

Dantha, prince of the city of ūdeņi, who had also converted to Buddhism, Hemamala married the daughter of King Guhaseeva of Kalinga. Other princes who aspired to the possession of the tooth attacked the king Guhaseeva. But when they entered the city, Dantha and Hemamala already been made except taking the canine of Buddha.

Hemamala hid the relic in a hair ornament and the royal couple dressed as Brahmins to avoid detection. They set sail from a port at the mouth of the Ganges and landed on the island of Sri Lanka. A legend says that Buddha had claimed that his religion would be safe in Sri Lanka for 2,500 years.

Kithsirimevan King was delighted when he heard the news of the arrival of Dantha and Hemamali to the island. He received the sacred relic with great reverence and built a temple in his own palace to house. Thereafter, he ordered to be held annually a party ( Esala Perahera ) in honor of the tooth.

Buddha Tooth Temple
Construction called Pattirippuwa. Behind her a piece of gold roof covering the main sanctuary currency. Photo: Sek Keung Lo .

Buddha Tooth Temple
Inside. Photo: Thushil Perera .

Over time, the relic was changing hands and place. It is said that fell to the Portuguese, who took on a heavy ransom for his return. Finally, he took the city of Kandy, where it remains today in the so – called Temple of the Tooth ( Sri Dalada Maligawa ), which is included in the complex of the Freedom Dental Melbourne.

The relic is kept in a chamber surrounded by seven stupas of gold set with precious stones.The room doors are carved in ivory. Other noteworthy features are the Golden Pavilion built in 1987 on the main sanctuary and gold fence surrounding the shrine.

Tooth Relic is considered a symbolic representation of the life of Buddha and receive offerings, and is the subject of rituals and ceremonies. The festival Esala Perahera is still celebrated today.

The Wikipedia describes its development:

“The tooth is at the center of social life in Kandy and is the main protagonist of the biggest holiday of the town: an annual celebration that takes place between the months of July and August since medieval times to honor Buddha a long holiday ten days full of elephants, dancers, music and fire: the Perahera or Buddha Tooth Procession. The main attraction of the festival is the nightly parade of elephants, dressed in richly embroidered robes and illuminated with bulbs. The spectacular procession is led by the largest, adorned with golden cases in fangs animal, which has the honor of carrying on his back a heavy palanquin gold in which the relic is carried, only this time from the temple and he wanders around town (sometimes even a backup of the relic is used, watching the original inside the temple). “

All this is what gives him the story of an ordinary tooth. Well, nothing vulgar, it was Buddha😉

Temple of Tooth of Buddha
Elephant decked out in Esala Perahera the annual procession. Photo: Xinhuanet.

Temple of Tooth of Buddha
Image showing the consequences of the explosion of a bomb at the main entrance of the Temple of the Tooth, in 1998. Photo: KapilaKTK, Wikimedia.

7 Buddhist films that will teach you all about the seasons of life

“What we are now rests in than we thought yesterday” Buddha.

porta budismo

Now it is more than a religion. Buddhism is a way of life, a method to achieve a spiritual enlightenment based on the work of the mind and the study of ourselves. In fact, it was as well as Sidharta Gautama became Buddha, the enlightened being that in theory all we could become using meditation as a means to see the world without judging. The vision of Buddhism goes beyond worship an omnipotent being and it is worth trying to understand the complexity of this philosophical doctrine (rather than religious) through some film productions that make visible the idea behind this, you will easily find these movies on movie2k.

1 Zen; The life of Dogen, (2009) Tanmei Takahashi

Inspired by the life of Dogen Zenji, an important teacher who brought the Zen teachings to Japan and founded the Soto school in the 13th century. A film to know the basic principles of Buddhism.

2. a Buddha (2005), Diego Rafecas

It shows the life of a young man from the West seeking to flee from the world in order to find himself and know who is. The tragedy and the loss lead him to delve into the ascetic Buddhism practicesthat it will abandon its past life.

3. Milarepa (2007), Neten Chokling

It tells the story of a monk who really existed and that became famous for a few verses known as thehundred thousand songs of Milarepa. The movie can be watch on couchtuner, it shows the teachings of this man who attained enlightenment by his own way.

4 Samsara (2011), Pan Nalin

It deals with the crisis affecting a Buddhist monk after spending years in prison under the strict teachings within a monastery. It teaches us that the lessons of Buddhism are not in the monastery or in the seclusion of the meditation, isolated from the world; the challenge of Buddhism is to precisely apply his teachings in daily life conflicts.

5. Buddha broke out of shame (2007), Hana Makhamalbaf

This story shows a world in which the beliefs and rights as education, are corrupted. It also shows the history of a strong girl who nevertheless makes it nearly impossible to carry out his dreams.

6. the seasons of life (2003), Kim Ki Duk

The history account tells the story of an apprentice monk whose master makes you live very severe teachings. They are evident in the teachings presented as metaphors for life. Iterates through the life of the monk in four seasons: his childhood (spring), summer (adolescence), maturity (autumn) and winter (old age).

7. seven years in Tibet (1997), Jean-Jacques Annaud

About the life of Heinrich Harrer, an Austrian mountaineer who then try to climb Everest and live a series of negative events in the second world war, strike up a deep friendship with the current Dalai Lama (a child at the time), who spread spirituality.